Box et son utilisation par les organisations à but non lucratif

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is  using  Box  to be more effective in raising funds for blood cancer research. Its employees use Box to instantly share their digital file libraries and be able to collaborate with their suppliers while being in touch with donors. When fundraising in the field, employees use Box to share presentation videos and documents with potential donors from their tablet while recording their information live on Leukemia & Lymphoma Society databases.


Grameen Foundation , an international microfinance organization, optimizes the work of its employees across four continents thanks to Box. Previously, they had problems accessing shared servers and the intranet at local offices in South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The foundation has since integrated Box content with Salesforce, saving them considerable time and effort as well as direct data interaction on servers.


The school bullying prevention association Kiva  uses Box for content management and collaboration between the various participants. This video will teach you more about how Kiva shares its best practices and prevention campaigns.


Credit:  KiVa program international trailer